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:bulletred: SUBMISSIONS

- All those who join as members will be auto-approved.
- Only *1* submission maximum, *is allowed* per member, per week!
- Submissions must be psychedelic in some way.
- Traditional, Digital, Fractal, Artisan Crafts, Avatars, Stamps, Animated Gifs,  etc,  are all accepted.
- Black and white drawings are accepted
- Please submit to the proper folder.

:bulletorange: No religious symbols accepted

No symbols OR i.e. religious icons, depictions of religious "leaders", "gods", etc.

This is not a religious group to express your faith...however, you can try to find a group that will submit your religious art. Many arguments stem from religious propaganda whether false or true, and I want this to be a place of peace where we can get along enjoying art without the division that will naturally occur due to differing beliefs and opinions. This is why you have your own personal site, so you can have the freedom to express yourself and your personal beliefs. Thanks!

:bulletyellow: No Text or words. This includes poetry, literature, or text in drawings.

No text in your submissions. This means no poetry, or BOLD words in your art scheme.
Due to the fact that someone may be offended because someone may put cuss words, offensive words, etc. in their art; that could cause trouble or to upset someone. We want to be fair.

:bulletgreen: No Nudity

NO nudity/ partial nudity OR provocativeness in submissions what so ever.
The art I have in mind for this  group is of a different visual stimulant, and is more along the lines of traditional art, abstract, fractal art, digital art, psychedelic crafts.

Remember, there are also very young members and also some kids viewing DA art/ our group, and I do not want to be held accountable, or responsible for the stumbling of a child's innocence.

In my personal opinion, sexuality should stay in the bedroom and at home...or on your own page! there are other groups for that. Thanks!


:bulletblue: No Drugs or Paraphernalia

Please do not submit any art that includes any obvious drugs or drug related paraphernalia, such as bongs, pot leaves, pills, needles, syringes, the names of drugs in the title or in the drawing itself.  Mushrooms are ok.

:bulletpurple: No Non-Psychedelic Surrealist Art

Although many people get the two confused, Psychedelic art and Surrealist art are two separate but similar and related art styles.  An art piece can be both Psychedelic and Surrealistic, but not all Surrealist art is Psychedelic.  Our focus in this group is Psychedelic art, which focuses on repeated shapes and patterns with highly contrasting and highly saturated color (black and white counts as highly contrasting color!).  Psychedelic art was influenced by surrealism and abstract art, but it is its own style.  In psychedelic art, you will often see kaleidoscopic, fractal or paisley patterns, bright and highly contrasting colors, extreme detail and stylization, spirals, mandalas, circles, and geometric patterns.  It tends to be more abstract, and more focused on color and shapes than subject matter. The Zentangle art style is a very good example of this.  

In contrast, surrealism tends to focus on the subject matter, less on color and pattern, and takes everyday objects and making them look strange (like Salvador Dali or MC Escher).   Surrealistic art tends to actually be drawn with a very realistic style (light, shading, textures, etc).   Surrealist art can also include things like aliens and sci-fi like themes.

If your submission was declined, please feel free to send a message to the group asking why your submission was declined.

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