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Submitted on
April 23, 2010



1. Submissions must be psychedelic in some way. This does NOT mean that it must be in color.
It can be any color as long as there is repeated patterns, and / or designs, colors, ect. If you are confused look up the definition of "psychedelic".

If you try to submit something that is not psychedelic by most part , I will send you a note with an explanation as to why I will not submit your submission, or why your submission has been removed.

Videos and Interactives will not be submitted.  The work we present is mostly static, though we do accept animated gifs.

Only *1* submission maximum, *is allowed* per member, per week!

:sun:TEXT + SWEARING:sun:
2. No text in your submissions. This means, no poetry, or BOLD words in your art scheme.

Due to the fact that someone may be offended because someone may put cuss words, offensive words, etc. in their art; that could cause trouble or to upset someone. We want to be fair.:-)

3. No racist remarks to anyone.
No swearing / cussing on this site! We can talk without swearing:-)

4. NO nudity/ partial nudity OR provocativeness in submissions what so ever.
The art I have in mind for this  group is of a different visual stimulant, and is more along the lines of traditional art, abstract, fractal art, digital art, psychedelic crafts.

Remember, there are also very young members and also some kids viewing DA art/ our club , and I do not want to be held accountable, or responsible for the stumbling of a child's innocence.:-)

In my personal opinion, sexuality should stay in the bedroom and at home...or on your own page! there are other groups/ clubs for that. Thanks!

5. No symbols OR i.e. religious icons, depictions of religious "leaders", "gods", etc.
Keep it on your page.
This isn't a place of worship, it a place of psychedelic art that we can all agree with.:-)

6. Treat each other with respect on this site. Kindness is a good quality in people, lets have some!:sun:


:butterflytwo:How do I join this club?

To join this club, click join.  Your a member now.  Hi.

When  you join you can reap the benefits of this club and be added to the members list so others will know who is a member.
You will not be watched back, only affiliates are watched.:-)

*It would also be a great help if you would add our club icon :iconpsychedelictreasures: to your journal, so we could get the word out about this club!
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

:butterflytwo:Who is the "owner" of this group?

Sabrina is the name and :iconinthename: is my game.:giggle:

:butterflytwo:Who are the "admin" of this group?

Admin: Zac is also helping out when he's not adding stuff here :iconlocomule:

:butterflytwo:Can I submit art that you have faved?


:butterflytwo:What are some of the benefits of joining this club?

Some of the benefits of joining and submitting may include:

1. Being able to participate in contests that will be held here which have prizes.

2. Interaction with other members who share a common interest in the psychedelic art style.

3. Traffic to your art site through people finding your art on this group.

4. The enjoyment of psychedelic art and friends.

:butterflytwo:How do I submit art to this group?

First, you MUST be a member.
Click "Submit Art" on our home page or click the little widgety thing at the bottom right of your deviation and click to submit. Limit your submissions to *1* per week, per member.

:butterflytwo:Can I submit art as soon as I join , even if you haven't responded to my note yet?


:butterflytwo:Why will you not submit art that has religious symbols, icons of faith or "gods" in them?

Like I explained above, this is a group for psychedelic art and design; This includes, patterns, movement, color/ colors, shapes, and artistic stimulant. etc.
This is not a religious group to express your faith...however, you can try to find a club or group that will submit your religious art @ :iconclubdirectory:
Many arguments stem from religious propaganda whether false or true, and I want this to be a place of peace where we can get along enjoying art without the division that will naturally occur due to differing beliefs and opinions.
This is why you have your own personal site, so you can have the freedom to express yourself and your personal beliefs. Thanks!:-)

:butterflytwo:Why will you not submit art with;"BOLD" lettering, words, poetry, etc... in this club?

For one of the same reasons dealing with the religious aspect. Sometimes opinions and beliefs differ and can cause strife...which I do not want personally or in this club.

:butterflytwo:Can I submit art that is just black and white without the  colors in it?

Yes, as long as the black and white art is psychedelic in pattern or movement form etc.

:butterflytwo:Can I submit art that is not psychedelic?


:butterflytwo:What types/ styles of art is acceptable for this club?

Traditional, Digital, Fractal, Artisan Crafts, Avatars, Stamps, ect. (As long as they are psychedelic in nature)

:butterflytwo:How can I get a hold of you if you cannot be reached here at this club?

Send a note to my account :iconracingspoons:, if its important! LOL

:butterflytwo:I hope that we can all agree with these rules and answers to these questions. They are not meant to offend anyone, and are not directed to any particular person... but to the whole audience for the well being and smooth runnings of this club.***

:butterflytwo:If there are any questions you would like to see added to the FAQ than please be my guest and send me a note with your questions and I would be happy to add them depending on the legitimacy of them.*


"Psychedelic Treasures"

Owner of this club:Sabrina
My main account is::iconinthename:
Questions? Comments? Send me a note please!

Admin of this club


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I don't put words into my psychedelic artworks (except for my one christmas card which says 'happy holidays') but I do always put my name and the year of creation in the drawing somewhere (as it's more creative than just signing the piece). Is that a problem if I want to submit the pieces?
racingspoons Feb 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
no. whenever anyone makes an entry that doesn't fit i just send them a note describing why it wasn't accepted. there's really only a few reasons i ever reject stuff and text is one of them, but that excludes the artist's name, web page or pages, title and date. so and signed and dated pieces should be fine as long as they fit the kind of psychedelic work we concentrate on.
Thanks for clarifying it :)
This has been a hassle free club :psychotic:
Quite encouraging !!!!!
racingspoons Feb 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
that's how i always wanted it to be, since i began. btw, :iconinthename: is back in case you haven't heard from her. just thought you'd like to know.
Well, it's working, I am comfy.

Yeah, I saw she was back!
Thought I'd wait awhile before I tease
BookWormJLG2010 Jan 25, 2011  Student General Artist
i do have a little bit of a question just to clarify. is it ok to include wording as a part of your art and submit it to the group (as long as it dosent include swearing of course)? because i often times use words in my art to convey a theme or to make a statement of some sort, but i dont swear or use any language that could be considered offensive in doing this.....basically im wondering if some of my pieces would be ok for this it more based on circumstances of the individual piece?....should i just stop rambling about this question and try submitting my art and just let you decide weather or not my particular pieces are acceptable to your group? (would that be simplest?)
racingspoons Jan 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
really, we keep it to no text beyond the title. i know a lot of people like to work with words, and i do like that kind of stuff, but this is how the group began (i didn't start it) and the rule has been in effect the whole time. i'm sorry if you only work with stuff with words, but that's just how we've had it since the beginning and though the words may be innocuous they can often open the door to other messages that might not even be recognizable to me.

hope you understand and hope to see more submissions in the future.
BookWormJLG2010 Jan 27, 2011  Student General Artist
ok thanks :) i understand completely. i work with other things then words i just have several pieces with words and i wanted to clarify before attempting to submit them :)
All is well at the wishing well.
This is the most compelling and exciting of any club I have ever known.
Carry on...
luv you all :alien:
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