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Club Rules

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for club rules

Quick notes. No work with text, other than the title. so if the title matches the text, your fine. Images of illegal substances and paraphernalia will not be accepted.

No work that is obviously drug related. This group is about a different perception of what many might say is psychedelic. Its simply about work that focuses on repeated patterns and repeated forms. If it has some kind of mesmerizing and often extremely intricate quality.

Tasteful nudity is accepted... and I'm gonna be as prude as I feel an average parent would be. not over the top, but... stuff that's reasonable, please.

More details in rules, but that's about the jist of it.




Link to the Original Journal For More Information:…

Potential Character Selection from Stock:

Veteran Character from stock:

CHRD13_03.1 by jademacalla

Sword Pose 18 by deswitath

(I'm not sure if the second one is just my female hormones talking. So I'm going to rely on :iconpantherflint: to come up with the choice or alternatively choose another male visual interpretation from another stock source, since he came up with the character)

Team of Chemical Engineers/Biochemists/Biotechnologists/Analytical Chemists/Polymer Chemists for Weapons Development:

Biochemist/Polymer Chemist specializing in materials development:

Stock - Serene by Mahafsoun

Biotechnologist specializing in recombinant microbial techniques:

Black Dress 24 by lyka-stock

Polymer Chemist:

fly by jlior

City Planner/Urban Planner (lady in the centre with the earrings):

Resident Environmental/Renewable Energy Specialist:

Green Woman 1 by Anikathropoloustock

Right now the first set of weapons are going to be developed around glycoproteins:

For more information about what these are and the equipment and materials the specialists will be using for weapons creation:

Please add other suggestions for the other characters/comment if you like the stock selection for the current characters - and remember I will be creating image manipulations of these stock photos in GIMP so they will not have the same eye colour, hair colour necessarily - its just a starting idea on their visual representations etc


Potential leading character (potential choices)

Expressions Test 4 by Madqueenstock (Her smile is just so lovely) and her gallery is full of poses and expressions which will come in handy for creating the comic book, this is another nice sample from her gallery :bigthumb259818076:

White Fairy - Stock by MariaAmanda

Orb4 by faestock

Chilly Perspective ::Stock 9:: by spiked-stock (Her look is really nice as well, and I like her expressiveness)

Please feel free to add suggestions to the list.


I am also going to incorporate the literature piece Machine Men from :icontherantsofreason: (I wrote to him and received his permission first)

Machine MenHey Abby it's me, thought I'd surprise you whilst you're away. How's the family doing back home? Your granddad still holding out okay? I know how much he means to you so I hope he is okay. Anyway you can tell me all about what's going on when you get back from work, I've only got a few days left of training left and all I can say is “'bout bloody time”! Ugh the shit I had to put up with this past year has been torture! Not only do I miss out on talking to you but I also had to run laps, crawl through obstacles and go through so much 'discipline' I wanted to puke! I know its to break us down so we're all one force and all. I just can't seem to bring myself to give up what's left in me ya know? The target practice is fun though I’ll admit, oh and you wouldn't believe how much muscle I've been gaining over the past couple weeks. Heh, I bet all your girl friends will be jealous when these bad boys come back to town. Oh yeah, the ceremony is up in a few weeks, hope you'll


For the war veteran and the flashbacks:

Our character is also going to suffer from PSTD.

I was planning to start the flashbacks we are going to give him, with an answering machine type format, similar to the messages left for Abby (from Machine Men by :icontherantsofreason:), and then use that to introduce the full flashbacks.

The scene will start with a beautiful ornate room and an answering machine in the middle of the room, on a cluttered slightly sunlit oak desk, and the messages as flashback intros.

I'd like to incorporate Abby in our comic as well, so that the reader/viewer is left wondering who the mysterious Abby is.





Special thanks to :icontherantsofreason:
More Journal Entries











Be forewarned, this is for people interested in all things psychedelic, which includes explicit drug-content and very likely some profanity and the like.



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